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UniMax Large Floor Mount Fume Hoods


Floor mounted Walk-In hoods,  chemical resistant

UniMax Specifications

 Floor mounted Walk-In fume

hoods, modular construction,


Floor mounted fume hoods, Spill containment basin, optional ramp


Framed glass, unframed glass, framed glass with sliding track, strip curtains

Plumbing Accessories

Cupsinks, service fixtures, plumbing

Electrical Accessories

Receptacles, Explosion proof services, lighting

Fire Extinguishers

Fire suppression systems, fire extinguishers


Ductwork,  Blowers, Filtration

HEMCO is the leader in manufacturing large floor mount hood enclosures to safely isolate, contain, and ventilate botanical extraction processes and rotary evaporators. The UniMax series of floor mount enclosures are built to your size requirement 6’ to 24’ wide 4’ to 10’ deep and 8’ to 16’ high and include Class I Div I explosion proof lighting, fire suppression, cord ports, and convenient 6’- 8’ high horizontal slide doors allowing access at any location at the front of the hood.

UniMax Floor Mount Fume Hood enclosures are recognized and accepted by local fire marshals for the Cannabis industry to be used as Cannabis Fume Hoods. Additionally, HEMCO has a full catalog of UniFlow benchtop fume hoods that are also available with explosion proof services along with optional fire suppression. HEMCO can also provide additional products such as lab furniture, countertops, sinks, and faucets.

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